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Experimental Chinese Opera Series
06.09.2017 - 13.09.2017

In 2016, the West Kowloon Xiqu Centre participated in the Shanghai Experimental Xiqu Festival with the experimental Cantonese opera Farewell My Concubine (New Adaptation). This production opens the Experimental Chinese Opera Series and sets the stage for three bold productions from mainland China.


Programme Details:


Experimental Cantonese Opera “Farewell My Concubine” (New Adaptation)

Produced by the West Kowloon Xiqu Centre 

Blending traditional Cantonese opera techniques with contemporary stage and lighting design, this groundbreaking production reinterprets the legendary story of the downfall of Xiang Yu, the self-proclaimed “Overlord of Western Chu”.



Liyuan Opera “Zhu Wen” (The Only Extant Version)

Produced by the Experimental Theatre of Liyuan Opera of Fujian

Scholar Zhu Wen takes a room at an inn and meets a young woman calling herself Yi Li Jin (A Grain of Gold). She tells Zhu that she is the daughter of the innkeeper and presents him with an embroidered purse full of coins as a pledge that they will become husband and wife……



Experimental Huaiju Theatre “Kong Yiji” (New Adaptation)

Produced by the Shanghai Huaiju Troupe

Kong Yiji reimagines Lu Xun’s classic short story of the same name. Describing the misfortunes that befall the poor, pedantic scholar Kong Yiji when the civil service system he aspires to enter suddenly undergoes changes, the story is often described as reflecting the societal shifts of the late Qing dynasty.



Peking Opera and Kunqu Fusion “Chun Shuidu” (New Adaptation)

Commissioned by The Shanghai Center of Chinese Operas 

An adaptation of the familiar story Legend of the White Snake, Chun Shuidu is an intimate production that takes an unusual perspective, focusing solely on the meeting between Monk Fahai and Xu Xian. 

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Performance Date & Venue

7:45 pm


2:30 pm

7.9.2017 (“Farewell My Concubine” Thursday matinee performance)

HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre)

Ticket Price: $180

Tickets available at URBTIX from 4 August 2017

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