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A Dream Like a Dream 




Part 1

First Half Hong Kong (1993 – 2000)

Having witnessed the consecutive deaths of four out of five patients in her assigned ward on the first day of reporting duty after her graduation, the Doctor is frustrated particularly to the fact that she is unable to figure out what kind of sickness that Patient No. 5 is suffering from. The only thing she can do for him is to listen to his story before he dies.

Patient No. 5 begins to tell his epic journey of life: He and his wife were once happy to give birth to a baby boy. However, the infant suffered from an unknown disease and passed away three months after his birth. The loss of the child ruined the couple’s relationship. He began to get sick; one day, his wife suddenly disappeared and his condition became worse. Although having received numerous consultations from doctors, he was unable to figure out the reason of being sick. The only thing he was sure, however, was the fact that he would not live long. Hence, he decided to take “his last journey of searching for clues.”


Second Half France (1998)

After travelling around most areas of the world, Patient No. 5 went to Paris, where he met a Chinese illegal lady immigrant Jiang Hong. They fell in love with each other. Jiang Hong brought her boyfriend to a Gypsy fortune-teller who advised him to make use of other people’s riddles to find the solution to the riddle of his own life. The young couple was also asked to go to the chateau to look for some clues. When they went to Normandie, they saw a lake named “See Yourself” behind the chateau. In the chateau, they found a piece of oil-painting portrait of a French gentleman and a Chinese lady. The majordomo of the chateau told them that the Chinese ex-mistress of the chateau might be living in Shanghai. Leaving Jiang Hong in Paris, Patient No. 5 went to Shanghai to look for another piece of clue for solving the riddle of his life.


Part 2

First Half Shanghai (1999 and 32)

Patient No. 5 found the aged ex-mistress of the chateau, Koo Hsiang-Lan, in Shanghai and listened to her story:

Growing up in a brothel, Hsiang-Lan was the most beautiful and popular courtesan in Shanghai. Her beauty had taken the breath of all her admirers away. Although Wang Debao, one of the wooers, crazily fell in love with Hsiang-Lan, he was not able to take the courtesan away from the brothel because of the failure in his business. Hsiang-Lan therefore tied the nuptial knot with Count Henri Duchamps, a French Consulate- General in Shanghai, who proposed to take her to France after marriage. While seeing off Hsiang-Lan, Debao poisoned himself and died in front of his lover. Hsiang-Lan left for France with her newly-wed husband to begin her new life.


Second Half France (1932 – 50)

Shanghai (1999)

France (1999)

Hong Kong (2000)

Hsiang-Lan had become the mistress of the chateau. Her world had suddenly turned into extravagance with fresh experience. However, she soon found that she had not been released from the “cage” – she was being kept from a small cage to a large cage, while realizing the fact that she was only one of the curios collected by the Count. In order to make Hsiang-Lan an artist, the Count sent his wife to study painting in Paris, in where she met a group of artists in Montparnasse café. As always, her beauty had driven the French artists crazy.

To Hsiang-Lan’s surprise, the Count was not offended by his wife’s affairs with other men. One day, he was reported to be killed in a train accident. What he left for his widow was nothing but huge debts. Hsiang-Lan therefore had to sell the chateau for settling the debts, while realizing none of her admirers were able to offer any assistance. For survival, she became a nanny of a family from Africa.

Having discovered that the Count was the master of the African family she had been serving, Hsiang-Lan left quietly but returned again to look for opportunity for taking revenge to the Count who had ruthlessly framed her. Wang Debao, who was saved from his committing suicide, came to Paris to look for Hsiang-Lan, whom he had never been able to forget about in those years. He proposed to Hsiang-Lan to go back to China with him. Meanwhile, the Count was dying from cancer. After saying goodbye to her dying ex-husband, Hsiang-Lan returned to China with Wang Debao…

Thinking Patient No. 5 was the Count, the dying Hsiang-Lan held the hand of her listener, revealing her last words to “the Count” and passed away.

Patient No. 5 went to Paris again to look for Jiang Hong. Knowing that he was not able to find her anymore, he attended a Millennium ritual in Normandie. After he returned to Hong Kong, he came to the last stage of his life. Having told his epic story to the young doctor, he passes away in the hospital.


Cast List


Hong Kong (1993 – 2000)

醫生 Doctor 郭靜雯 ManMan Kwok、丁彤欣 Tunes Ting
醫生父親 Doctor’s father 高翰文 Ko Hon Man
父親同事 Father’s colleague 尹偉程 Raymond Wan
護士 Nurses 蒙 潔 Mavis Mung、岑君宜 Fannie Shum
林醫生 Doctor Lam 馮志佑 Fung Chi Yau
病人 Patients 梁天尺 Leung Tin Chak、張紫琪 Kiki Cheung、余翰廷 Yu Hon Ting、歐陽駿 Eddy Au Yeung
病人家屬 Patients’ family 張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai、吳家良 Ng Ka Leung、陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan、周志輝 Chow Chi Fai
五號 Patient No.5 辛偉強 Chris Sun、潘燦良 Poon Chan Leung
堂姐 Cousin 文瑞興 Man Sui Hing
堂哥 Cousin 劉守正 Lau Shau Ching、梁天尺 Leung Tin Chak
準男友 Potential boyfriend 陳 嬌 Chan Kiu
陳醫生 Doctor Chan 陳嘉樂 Chan Kalok
病人朋友 Patient’s friend 蔡溥泰 Trickle Choi
五號妻子 Wife of Patient No.5 彭珮嵐 Ivy Pang、張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai
戲院售票員 Ticket Seller 陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan
小販 Hawker 潘泰銘 Poon Tai Ming
夢幻醫生 Doctor in the dream 余翰廷 Yu Hon Ting
醫學院代表 Medical school representative 余翰廷 Yu Hon Ting
警察 Policemen 周志輝 Chow Chi Fai、吳家良 Ng Ka Leung
五號的醫生 Doctors for Patient No.5 張紫琪 Kiki Cheung、馮志佑 Fung Chi Yau、蒙 潔 Mavis Mung
死訊醫生 Doctor bearing news of death 陳 嬌 Chan Kiu
旅行社職員 Travel agents 陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan、潘泰銘 Poon Tai Ming、陳嘉樂 Chan Kalok、張迪琪 Venus Cheung


France (1998 – 99)

五號 Patient No.5 潘燦良 Poon Chan Leung、辛偉強 Chris Sun
江紅 Jiang Hong 黃呈欣 Wong Ching Yan、張紫琪 Kiki Cheung
結他手 Guitarist 馮志佑 Fung Chi Yau
手風琴手 Accordionist 吳   迪 Wu Di
餐廳老闆娘 Restaurant owner 彭珮嵐 Ivy Pang
吉卜賽女人 Gypsy 文瑞興 Man Sui Hing
書店老闆 Bookstore owner 陳 嬌 Chan Kiu
香港遊客 Hong Kong tourists 尹偉程 Raymond Wan、蒙 潔 Mavis Mung、蔡溥泰 Trickle Choi、張迪琪 Venus Cheung
老總管 Old majordomo 周志輝 Chow Chi Fai
孫女 Granddaughter 丁彤欣 Tunes Ting
城堡櫃枱職員 Chateau receptionist 張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai
城堡經理 Chateau manager 余翰廷 Yu Hon Ting
城堡領班 Chateau captain 梁天尺 Leung Tin Chak
城堡服務生 Chateau service staff 蔡溥泰 Trickle Choi、岑君宜 Fannie Shum
城堡侍者 Chateau waiters 潘泰銘 Poon Tai Ming、歐陽駿 Eddy Au Yeung
城堡客人 Chateau guests 文瑞興 Man Sui Hing、吳家良 Ng Ka Leung、陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan、尹偉程 Raymond Wan、蒙 潔 Mavis Mung、陳 嬌 Chan Kiu
煎蛋的江紅 Jiang Hong frying eggs 張紫琪 Kiki Cheung、蒙 潔 Mavis Mung、彭珮嵐 Ivy Pang、張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai、文瑞興 Man Sui Hing、陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan、丁彤欣 Tunes Ting、岑君宜 Fannie Shum、張迪琪 Venus Cheung
新夫人女兒 Daughter of the new wife 蒙 潔 Mavis Mung


Shanghai (1999)

五號 Patient No.5 辛偉強 Chris Sun、潘燦良  Poon Chan Leung
海關 Customs officers 陳嘉樂 Chan Kalok、陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan
徐教授 Professor Xu 尹偉程 Raymond Wan
顧香蘭 Koo Hsiang-Lan 雷思蘭 Lui Si Lan、蘇玉華 Louisa So、蔡思韵 Cecilia Choi
雪雪 Xuexue 張迪琪 Venus Cheung
上海醫生 Doctors 周志輝 Chow Chi Fai、梁天尺 Leung Tin Chak
上海護士 Nurse 陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan


Shanghai (1932)

顧香蘭 Koo Hsiang-Lan 蔡思韵 Cecilia Choi、雷思蘭 Lui Si Lan、蘇玉華 Louisa So
十里紅 Brothel Madam 張紫琪 Kiki Cheung
金姨 Auntie 文瑞興 Man Sui Hing
翠琴 Cuiqin 張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai
媛媛 Yuanyuan 岑君宜 Fannie Shum
如玉 Ruyu 蒙 潔 Mavis Mung
寶霞 Baoxia 黃呈欣 Wong Ching Yan
萍香 Pingxiang 陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan
妙蓮 Miaolian 張迪琪 Venus Cheung
二寶 Erbao 丁彤欣 Tunes Ting
王德寶 Wang Debao  歐陽駿 Eddy Au Yeung
張老闆 Master Zhang 余翰廷 Yu Hon Ting
錢老闆 Master Qian 陳 嬌 Chan Kiu
楊大少 Master Yang 尹偉程 Raymond Wan
馬老闆 Master Ma  馮志佑 Fung Chi Yau
教授 Professor 吳家良 Ng Ka Leung
保鑣 Bodyguards 陳嘉樂 Chan Kalok、蔡溥泰 Trickle Choi
茶水工 Tea server  潘泰銘 Poon Tai Ming
伯爵 Count 高翰文 Ko Hon Man
沈先生 Master Shen 梁天尺 Leung Tin Chak
伯爵夫人 Countess 彭珮嵐 Ivy Pang
伯爵僕人 Staff at the Count’s Residence 郭靜雯 ManMan Kwok、蔡溥泰 Trickle Choi
小販 Hawker 潘泰銘 Poon Tai Ming


France (1932-50)

顧香蘭 Koo Hsiang-Lan 蘇玉華 Louisa So、雷思蘭 Lui Si Lan、蔡思韵 Cecilia Choi
伯爵 Count 高翰文 Ko Hon Man
總管 Majordomo 陳嘉樂 Chan Kalok
瑪莉 Marie 文瑞興 Man Sui Hing
皮雅 Pierre 周志輝 Chow Chi Fai
伯爵客人 Guests of the Count 陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan、蒙 潔 Mavis Mung、岑君宜 Fannie Shum、吳家良 Ng Ka Leung、余翰廷 Yu Hon Ting、歐陽駿 Eddy Au Yeung、梁天尺 Leung Tin Chak
薩爾瓦多 Salvador 尹偉程 Raymond Wan
慧朗莉卡 Veronique 黃呈欣 Wong Ching Yan
哲學家 Philosopher 彭珮嵐 Ivy Pang
超現實主義者 Surrealist 歐陽駿 Eddy Au Yeung
共產主義者 Communist 陳 嬌 Chan Kiu
路易 Louis 梁天尺 Leung Tin Chak
攝影師 Photographer 蒙 潔 Mavis Mung
愛麗絲 Elise 岑君宜 Fannie Shum
崗蒂夫人 Madame Conti 陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan
作曲家 Composer 張紫琪 Kiki Cheung
結他手 Guitarist 馮志佑 Raymond Wan
手風琴手 Accordionist 吳    迪 Wu Di
神秘舞者 Mystery dancer 蔡溥泰 Trickle Choi
咖啡館老闆 Café owner 張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai
咖啡館服務生 Café waiter 潘泰銘 Poon Tai Ming
市長 Mayor 余翰廷 Yu Hon Ting
官員 Councillor 吳家良 Ng Ka Leung
市長隨從 Mayor’s staff 劉守正 Lau Shau Ching
車長 Train captain 蔡溥泰 Trickle Choi
警察 Policemen 吳家良 Ng Ka Leung、歐陽駿 Eddy Au Yeung
銀行職員 Bank staff 張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai、陳卉蕾 Vivian Chan
代書 Notary 陳 嬌 Chan Kiu
新夫人(艾瑪)New Madame 張雅麗 Cheung Ngar Lai
小孩 Children 高楚陽△ Andy Ko、陸蔚淳△ Avery Lok、唐麒軒○ James Tong、傅煒喬○ Rachel Fu
新保姆 New Nanny 蒙 潔 Mavis Mung
王德寶 Master Wang 劉守正 Lau Shau Ching


Cast △: 27, 31.7
3, 7, 10, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30.8
4, 7.9
Cast ○: 28.7
2, 4, 9, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 31.8
1, 6, 8.9


All actors play ensemble roles as pedestrians, travellers, passengers, family members and revellers