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Ko Hon Man Actor

Since joining the HKRep in 1986, Ko Hon Man has created more than a hundred roles spanning young and old, encompassing figures East and West, historical and modern.

Ko’s acting credits include The Crucible, A Dream Like a Dream, A Small Family Business, Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, Le Dieu du carnage, The Cherry Orchard and The Emperor, his Mom, a Eunuch and a Man. His recent portrayal of such diverse roles as Zhong Yidong through the many phases of his life in Communicating Doors, abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko in Red, the parvenu Mr. Sit in The Sin Family and Cantonese Opera playwright Yip Fei Hung in Footprints in the Snow (re-run) attest to his versatility.

Ko was nominated Best Supporting Actor (Tragedy/Drama) at the Hong Kong Drama Awards for his performance as Qing Longzi in Secret Of Resurrection and as Tilden in Buried Child. He was nominated Best Actor (Tragedy/Drama) for Principle (2018) and Red (first production). In 2011, he was awarded Best Actor (Comedy/Farce) for his performance in Le Dieu du carnage. In 2019, he is awarded Best Actor at the Shanghai One Drama Awards.

Apart from appearing on stage, Ko has participated as a voice artist in numerous motion pictures. He is the designated voice artist for several animated characters such as Prince Charming (Shrek III) and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast). His voice is also featured in Thomas & Friends and The Polar Express. He also recorded the character of the Bear in Disney Channel’s Bear in the Big Blue House as well as over a hundred children’s songs. His most recent work in this medium was Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Recent HKRep productions in which Ko participated include A Dream Like a Dream, Le Père, La Cage aux Folles, Principle (2018), Hu Xueyan, my Dear (2018), Scrooge – the Musical, Buried Child, Forever Silence, The Homecoming, Field of Dreams 2017 LIVE+  and The Sin Family.