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Marble Leung

A graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Science and the third class of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art’s School of Drama majoring in acting, Marble Leung is among the first generation of drama professionals educated entirely in Hong Kong. Marble is not only a producer, but also an actor and director. During his career in the government between 1993-2001, he was responsible for such cultural services as programme planning and venue management. Marble joined the HKREP in 2001 as Programme Manager and was subsequently promoted to Head of Programme. As of January 2019, he assumes the position of Executive Director.

Marble’s extensive experience as a producer numbers nearly 200 dramatic works, including the musical 1941 Girl ! (Actors’ Family), Secret of Resurrection, De Ling & Empress Dowager Ci Xi, Love in a Fallen City, A Bowlful of Kindness and Matthew Cheng’s Hong Kong trilogy (The Last Supper, The Sin Family and Auspicious Day). His numerous “Best Overall Performance” productions garnering recent Hong Kong Drama Awards include A Dream Like a Dream (Hong Kong version), Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land (Hong Kong version), musical Field of Dreams, Shed Skin, The Emperor, his Mom, a Eunuch and a Man and Hu Xueyan, my Dear.

Between 2013 and 2016, Marble participated in the “Overseas Training / Research Programme for Leaders from Local Arts Group on Future Arts Development” co-funded by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, visiting Germany, the United States and United Kingdom, South Korea and Japan to research the development and operational models of performance venues and theatrical companies.