:: About HKREP・Poon Pik Wan
Manager (Theatre Literature and Projects)

Poon Pik Wan

Poon is graduated in Lingnan University Hong Kong, Master of Arts in Chinese.  As a playwright, Poon Pik Wan wrote the script of Angel in the Box, co-wrote The Lost & Found TrilogyDr. Tim Ting’s Factory(Playwright and director), Blue DanubeThe Common Cold (adapted the novel of the same name). Poon was a full-time actress of the HKRep before taking the position of Manager (Theatre Literature and Projects). She has appeared in more than a hundred productions to date. She has received Best Actress nominations from the Hong Kong Drama Awards for her performances in The Eccentricities of a NightingaleVassa ZheleznovaBlindnessA Flea in Her EarCopenhagen, and won the 2005 Best Supporting Actress award for her outstanding performance in Peach Blossom Fan.

Poon is the editor of Repazine, A Collection of Black Box Theatre Scripts 2010-11, The Stage Art of Reverie of an Empire,  Proceedings & Papers of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre “35th Anniversary Seminar on Theatre Creativity and the Local Culture”, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre “Legacy 35”, The Art of Acting – Hong Kong Repertory Theatre’s Experience, Script Development Scheme Series 2010-12,script collection of “The Professor”, “The Emperor, his Mom, a Eunuch and a Man”.

Poon received the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Industries Management (Arts and Culture) in 2012. She is awarded the third prize in the fiction category with her work’s A Luncheon Meat on Blue Danube in the Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese 2014. She is currently the assessor of Hong Kong Arts Development Council.