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The Soongs: By Dreams Betrayed
04.01.2014 - 08.01.2014

Three legends intertwined in an extraordinary era, caught in the vast torrent of history.

Before Somoza Garcia of Nicaragua, the Shah of Iran, the Marcoses of Philippines, there were the Soongs….

The Soong family was the most powerful and prominent in recent Chinese history – the three Soong daughters – Ai-ling, Ching-ling and May-ling were brought up in the most prestigious of institutions, and heavily influenced by Western culture. They married three of the most important men in China of their time – H. H. Kung , Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek. In this tumultuous era, each sister’s fate is a legend in its own right, their glamour and allure captivated the public’s imagination in ways unmatched by their peers.

Performance Date & Venue
7:45pm  4-8^.1.2014
2:45pm  5#.1.2014

The Top-priced tickets of exclusive performance on 6.1.2014 are not available for public sales

^Additional Performance

#Post-Performance Talk

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

Price: $360, $290, $250, $200, $160

Presented in Cantonese with Chinese & English surtitles

For aged 6 or above

Tickets available at URBTIX Outlets from 8.11.2013

Telephone Enquiries & Credit Card Booking 2111 5999 / www.urbtix.hk

Programme Enquiries 3103 5900

Cast & Production Team
Playwright / Director
Joanna Chan
Mui Cheuk Yin
Set Designer
Ricky Chan*
Costume Designer
Eddy Mok
Lighting Designer
Billy Chan
Composer & Sound Designer
Yuen Cheuk Wa*
Assistant Director
Pang Hang Ying
Assistant Choreographer
Max Lee
Assistant Set Designer
Suki Chan
Assistant Sound Designer
Sincere Li
Assistant to Director
Leading Cast
Michelle Ye
Au Ga Man
Lam Chak Kwan
*With kind permission of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

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