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International Black Box Festival 2014:
Monsters (Hong Kong)
17.01.2014 - 26.01.2014

International Black Box Festival 2014  

Artocrite Theater  (Hong Kong)

A curious twist of bizarre social phenomena,
woven together by a group of complete strangers under the glittering light of the night…

Hong Kong, a prosperous and glamorous city. Like the classic Canto-pop song Below the Lion Rock, its people joined hands and created a legend with the fabled “Hong Kong spirit”, serenaded in the song: ”of one mind we pursue our dream, setting aside all differences.” Away from the dazzling neon light and bustling traffic, strange, tired long figures hide in the narrow streets and dark alleys. They are “the monsters”, already forgotten by this glittery, cold city. Transvestites, nudists, members of ethnic minorities, people with obscure diseases or disabilities…all kinds of figures quietly live their invisible lives within the city, alongside yet far away from everyone else. They are labelled as the “monsters”, yet these “monsters” work hard for their survival, just like anyone else.In the chaotic and busy urban life, the chance encounters of these “monsters” somehow form a tapestry of moving yet satirical tales. Looking on, one can’t help but wonder who are in fact the neglected ones? Is it these “monsters” or indeed ourselves? Who are really “the monsters”?

Performance Date & Venue
8:00pm 17-18, 21-25.1.2014
2:45pm *18-*19, 25-26.1.2014

*With post-performance talk

HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre)

Presented in Cantonese

For aged 12 or above

This programme contains strong language and adult content

Approximately 2 hrs

Tickets now available at URBTIX Outlets

Telephone Enquiries & Credit Card Booking 2111 5999 /www.urbtix.hk

Programme Enquiries 3103 5900

Cast & Production Team
Wan Wai Ching Raymond
Wong Ching Yan Birdy
Wong Chiu Yum
Pun Kim Chau
Fong Chun Kit
Text Re-arrangement / Co-Directors
Fong Chun Kit
Wong Ching Yan Birdy
Premiere Set Designer
Yu Toi Ling
Costume Designer
Wong Ching Yan Birdy
Lighting and Video Designer
Octavian Chan
Sound Designer
So Chi Yau@Freelance Production Company
Peter Jordan
Tsui Yik Chit Ivy
Actor / Actress
Wan Wai Ching Raymond
Tsui Yik Chit Ivy
Leung Tsz Fung Benny
Leung Ho Pong
Wong Ching Yan Birdy
Wong Chiu Yam
Pun Kim Chau

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