:: Season Programme・Black Box Production
The Exceptional Duet: Project Seeing
27.11.2020 - 05.12.2020

The world is dazzling yet it is also virtual: reality turns into fragments that become increasingly disjointed, images rush outside our bodies and inside our minds. Paul Virilio once said, “Images promote forgetting.“ Do you agree?

Project Seeing—a laboratory where we practise seeing. Those taking part in the experiment subject themselves to unease, uncertainties and instabilities,delving deep into their own memories as they observe one trial after another,traversing images, memory, narratives and dreamscapes, focussing on both the surface and core of contemporary life, constructing scenarios in which they question and observe each other.

If we creep slowly in a world dominated by rapid successions of images, how (else) can we observe?


Guidelines in the lab:

#1 Open all your senses

#2 Accept uncertainty

#3 Trust your partner

#4 Question what you see



Presence – Absence

Distance – Location

Subject – Object – Perspective – Frame

Exposure – Resolution – Pixel – Filter



Performance Date & Venue

【In response to the closure of the venue, Project Seeing originally scheduled from 2 to 5 December 2020 has been cancelled. Please refer to the ticket arrangement details at https://www.hkrep.com/news/20201201/(in Chinese only).

For ticketing assistance,please call (852)3103 5900 during office hours (Monday to Friday,10:00am–1:00pm,2:00pm–6:00pm,except public holidays).

Project Seeing on 1 December 2020 will perform as scheduled.


8pm 27-28.11.2020
3pm 28-29#.11.2020
#With Post-performance Talk

HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre) 

(Service charge $10)
Free Seating 

Presented in Cantonese 

Recommended for ages 6 and above

Tickets now available at POPTICKET  

Programme Enquiries 3103 5900

Please contact HKRep before purchasing tickets if wheelchair seats are required. (Tel: 3103 5900)
Cast & Production Team
Chan Kwun Fee
Vee Leong
Lights and Shadows
Sunfool Lau
Lawrence Lau
Space and Visual
So Lai Ping (mmmmor studio)
Hsu Wai Lun (mmmmor studio)
Body and Action
Justyne Li
Man Sui Hing
Jim Hui
Control Panel
Maze Chan

The Exceptional Duet

After months of silence, two local creative teams joining hands with the HKRep to present groundbreaking works on our Black Box stage. We’ll take you on a sensory adventure as we ponder the crux of our own selves.

Chester Wong x Santayana Li x Ivanhoe Lam’s The Void and Little Breath Creative Workshop’s Project Seeing both feature performances that transcend conventional boundaries. Projected images and sounds expand our threshold of seeing and hearing, prompting us to delve into what we know and value. Join us on this journey about listening, observing and questioning.

Ticket discounts

50% discount for
– Full-time Students (limited offer)
– Senior Citizens aged 60 or above (limited offer)
– People with disabilities & the minder. For purchase of each concessionary ticket for people with disabilities, the customer can purchase one ticket of same concession for a minder.

15% discount for
– HKRep Pals members