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Wing Lung Bank Proudly Sponsors “In Times of Turmoil” Despite loss and struggle, they still have faith

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Despite loss and struggle, they still have faith

Wing Lung Bank Proudly Sponsors In Times of Turmoil

A moving tale in times of turmoil


【Hong Kong Repertory Theatre】Do we have the right to pursue a better life for ourselves in times of turmoil? If you stick with your convictions and principles, how will your actions impact others? Three women—youthful beauties in their own right in a tumultuous time—pursue different paths while safeguarding their ideals and love. Regardless of the difficulties they face, they strive to continue their search for hope and meaning in their own lives. In Times of Turmoil is adapted by Chan Yiu Hung from an original novel by Dr. Leung Fung Yee. Directed by Anthony Chan, it features a cast of HKRep company members including Eddy Au Yeung, Kiki Cheung, Cheung Ngar Lai, Chan Kiu, Ng Ka Leung, Wang Wei and Karrie Tan. The production runs from July 1st to 9th at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre. Tickets are available now from URBTIX outlets. In Times of Turmoil is an accredited event celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


The story of In Times of Turmoil takes place in Hong Kong and Guangzhou before 1949, with Cheng Sumei and Gui Yuxin as the core characters against the background of a banking family and two romantic entanglements. In light of the civil war and social unrest, keenly aware that the family’s banking business is in danger of collapse, eldest son Zipei – concerned about the safety of family members – must make a decision whether to remain in Guangzhou or seek refuge in Hong Kong. His younger brother Zi’ang remains idealistic, ready to risk his life for country and society. In this chaotic era, men cannot cope with matters of the fate nor the heart…


In Times of Turmoil is adapted from award-winning novelist Dr. Leung Fung Yee’s 2013 work that detailed the story of Hong Kong during that fateful decade between 1949 and 1959. To Playwright Chan Yiu Hung, the most difficult task is to establish chronological order amidst the many events that happened. “When I was writing the script, I spent a lot of time understanding that slice of history. During that time, everything was in chaos. All of the story’s characters want to pursue their ideals, willing to sacrifice their lives in place for their loved ones. I hope the audience will look at this story from a contemporary perspective.”


In Times of Turmoil is the first work Artistic Director Anthony Chan directs for the 40thanniversary season of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. He says, “The original novel outlines almost a decade of history in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. There are so many characters, so many juxtaposed scenes that tie so closely with society. To adapt the novel into a two-hour play is a very difficult task. Playwright Chan Yiu Hung has spent a lot of effort on this production, hoping to preserve the caring emotions care inherent in the novel, at the same time concentrating on the many types of bonds—between people, between lovers, between brothers. We use a realistic approach on stage to express the emotions, but also explores a more abstract way to portray the scenarios.”



About Playwright  Chan Yiu Hung

A graduate of the Sociology Department of the Hong Kong Baptist College (now Baptist University), Chan served as the chairman of the Baptist Drama Society in his student years. His starring performance and his directing work won him awards at the Hong Kong Federation of Students Drama Festival. He also translated and directed The Miracle Maker.


Chan joined TVB as a scriptwriter after graduation. By the time he left TVB, he held the position as a senior scriptwriter. Chan then joined the television department of RTHK, having taken up such positions as assistant director, director, editor and senior producer. Among his output of documentaries and civic education programmes are To the CountrysideArchaeology and AntiquitiesPerforming Arts ReviewComputer WorldArchitectural ProclamationsBeyond the WorkspaceInvesting WiselyHong Kong HeritageHong Kong StoryEducation News, Hong Kong People Helping Each OtherNight Dwellers and the Success Stories series. He also produced numerous live broadcasts and real life drama programmes, including Under the Lion Rock. Occasionally, Chan appeared in cameo roles in drama series.


He collaborated with the HKRep as early as 1980, when he penned and directed the one-act play Fairy Tale. In 1981, he created the large-scale drama Side Door, and two years later, the historical drama Puyi. In 1994, he wrote The Seven Wisemen of the Bamboo Grove for the HKRep. In 1990, Chan served as the stage manager for the Hong Kong Movie vs TV Theatrical Society production of Wet Paint. Later, in 1995, he adapted and directed Cao Yu’s Family. In 2006, he adapted Dai Houying’s Stones in the Wall, which he also directed. He returned to the stage as an actor in 2015, playing the role of Deng Yinnan in the Amity Drama Club’s production of Yellow Flower.


In 2015, Chan served as advisor to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s University Health Service Lunchtime Theatre production of A Long, Long Night. He also served as adjunct lecturer (television drama scriptwriting) during the 2015/16 academic year for the Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Cinema and Television’s Master’s degree course.


About Director  Anthony Chan


About In Times of Turmoil


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