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In addition to the publication of theatre related literature, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is also responsible for the Script Development Scheme, Reader’s Theatre, seminars, and other related events, in order to encourage, document, preserve and consolidate creative activities in theatre through different platforms.

You can now collect a series of our publications and souvenirs for your enjoyment. Simply complete the booking form and return to us by fax (2541 8473) or by post to HKRep (4/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.) Your book would be ready for collection or be delivered* to you within two weeks after telephone confirmation.

HKRep Pals & Members of the HKAPA Alumni Association enjoy 15% discount on regular price of HKRep publication series.

*Please email enquiry@hkrep.com to confirm postal charges if delivery is not made to a local address.

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Address:4/F., Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 26

Serial No.: 2021(1)LP
Price: @HK$55

A new principal establishes a host of new rules, upsetting her staff and students. The caring vice-principal tries to handle with softness, but the situation becomes out of control due to an accident.

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 25

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre x Raymond To Scripts: Haunted Haunted Little Stars, Love You Forever, I Have a Date with Autumn

Serial No.: 1920(2)LP
Price: @HK$180

As a master of playwriting, Raymond To had started his partnership with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre since 1979 and most of his works soon became classics as HKRep’s theatrical gems.  This book comprises To’s three scripts in recent years: Haunted Haunted Little Stars, Love You Forever and I Have a Date with Autumn. 

Packed with wondrous production stills, this book is a must-have for all theatre lovers!

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 24

Anthony Chan’s Love Trilogy—Formula of the Thunderstorm, A Bowlful of Kindness, Footprints in the Snow (2nd Edition)

Serial No.: 1920(1)LP
Price: @HK$150

A compilation of three recent scripts by our Artistic Director Anthony Chan. As a tribute to Cao Yu’s masterpiece Thunderstorm, Formula of the Thunderstorm depicts a playwright who shares an “intertwining relationship” with Cao’s Thunderstorm characters. A Bowlful of Kindness is nothing less than the 1960s’ kaleidoscope, in which one will feel the warmth and neighbourhood spirit of fellow Hongkongers.  On the surface, Footprints in the Snow is about the “bromance” and the complicated relationship between a Chinese opera writer and an actor who plays a female role, but in essence it touches those who treasure the playwright’s talents.  Production stills of the three scripts are included in this compilation.

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 23

HKRep Black Box Creative Series 1: White Blaze of the Morning, An Unjust Good Fellow, Principle

Serial No.: 1819(2)LP
Price: @HK$166

Three young playwrights’ visions of contemporary Hong Kong are included in this one-volume collection—White Blaze of the Morning by Yan Pat-to, An Unjust Good Fellow by Callas Cheang, Principle by Ivan Kwok.

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 22

Hu Xueyan, my Dear (Playscript)

Serial No.: 1819(1)LP
Price: @HK$88

Playwright Paul Poon chronicles the legendary life of celebrated merchant Hu Xueyan as a candid reflection of late Qing Dynasty political intrigue, featuring the conflict between East and West, the hunter and the hunted…

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 21

40 Dialogues on Hong Kong Repertory Theatre’s Development 1977-2017

Serial No.: 1718(2)LP
Price: @HK$150

As one of the HKRep’s 40th anniversary publications, this book was written by the then Executive Director Chan Kin-bun, a veteran arts administrator.  To write this book, he had interviewed 40 colleagues and ex-colleagues who are essential to HKRep’s development to dig deep in the history and explore the future of the theatre company.

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