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In addition to the publication of theatre related literature, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is also responsible for the Script Development Scheme, Reader’s Theatre, seminars, and other related events, in order to encourage, document, preserve and consolidate creative activities in theatre through different platforms.

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 4

The Stage Art of “Secret of Resurrection”

Serial No.: 0809(1)LP
Price: @HK$250

As one of the Chinese greatest novels, Secret of Resurrection was written by Liu E of the Qing Dynasty (the last imperial dynasty of China).  Inspired by Liu’s masterpiece, the theatre production of Secret of Resurrection was written by He Jiping and directed by Fredric Mao.  As the production commemorating the 30th anniversary of HKRep, Secret of Resurrection deserves further studies and this making-of publication comprises analytical essays, review articles, as well as interviews and collective memories of the creative team, with a DVD capturing the precious moments of the production.