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In addition to the publication of theatre related literature, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is also responsible for the Script Development Scheme, Reader’s Theatre, seminars, and other related events, in order to encourage, document, preserve and consolidate creative activities in theatre through different platforms.

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 25

Hong Kong Repertory Theatre x Raymond To Scripts: Haunted Haunted Little Stars, Love You Forever, I Have a Date with Autumn

Serial No.: 1920(2)LP
Price: @HK$180

As a master of playwriting, Raymond To had started his partnership with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre since 1979 and most of his works soon became classics as HKRep’s theatrical gems.  This book comprises To’s three scripts in recent years: Haunted Haunted Little Stars, Love You Forever and I Have a Date with Autumn.  Back to Hong Kong’s 1960s and 1970s, Haunted Haunted Little Stars is a comedy which portrays a film studio haunted by a ghost actress.  While the protagonist is just “a girl next door” who fancies being a film star, she is lucky to be the ghost’s protégé wherever she is in danger or needs help, as the studio itself is a place with people of all kinds.  In Haunted Haunted Little Stars, this studio is such a colourful world that surprises the audiences days and nights.


As a family comedy, Love You Forever depicts an unordinary love story between a seventy-old man with cancer and his young maid, which shocks his family—and what’s more, the couple is expecting a baby! With humourous and moving lines, Love You Forever just makes you think of the essence of true love and family bond.


As part II of To’s masterpiece I Have a Date with Spring (Spring) which is all about the friendship of a popular diva, Siu Dip with her lifelong friends Lulu, Nancy and Fung Ping. Such friendship continues to grow through their offspring in I Have A Date with Autumn (Autumn)While Fung Ping died in her 20s in the course of Vietnam War in Spring, her son Danny grows as a star singer in Autumn through the love and guidance of Siu Dip, as his godmother.  Once feeling bewildered as an orphan, Danny does finally realise he is not alone in the world filled with love.


Packed with wondrous production stills, this book is a must-have for all theatre lovers!