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Fung Wai Hang Assistant Artistic Director

A fine talent in stage art, Fung Wai Hang is not only an actress but also a director, playwright and programme curator. A graduate of the inaugural class of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ School of Drama, she later obtained an MFA in Theatre Practice at the University of Exeter. Since joining the HKRep in 1988, Fung rose in the ranks, taking such positions as Principal Actress, Assistant to the Artistic Director, Project Coordinator of “REP 2” and Resident Director. Currently she serves as Assistant Artistic Director at the HKRep, coordinating and planning the company’s Black Box offerings.

Fung has participated in more than 100 productions. She has been nominated numerous times for the Hong Kong Drama Awards, having won eight to date: two for Best Actress (Comedy/Farce) in 1995 and 1996; three for Best Supporting Actress (Tragedy/Drama) in 1993, 2002 and 2015; three for Best Director for Red (2013), Attempts on her Life (2015) and Le Père (The Father) (2018). This year, she is nominated as Best Director (Tragedy/Drama) for A Dream Like a Dream. In 2005, her outstanding performance in the original musical Sweet & Sour Hong Kong made her the first Hong Kong stage professional to be honoured at the 15th Shanghai Magnolia Stage Award, as Best Supporting ActressFung was also a recipient of the Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendation Scheme in 2005 and the Artist of the Year (Drama) for the 2018 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards.

Productions Fung has directed include Rabbit Hole, The Cell, Red, Attempts on her Life, The Sin Family, The Abandoned Harbour, Le Père (The Father), Ladies, Bon Voyage a Cabaret and Pride. Recently, she co-directed HKRep production of A Dream Like a Dream with acclaimed theatre director Stan Lai. Other productions that Fung co-wrote include CrossingsThe Backyard, A Matter of 4 x 6 and Papa Mama, Thy Wind Blows Ever. In recent years, she has provided her expertise to younger practitioners in the HKRep’s The Open Platform. Fung was also co-director of the original musical Departure 00:00. Her collaboration with Kuo Jian Hong of Singapore’s Theatre Practice, Central Deconstructed, was presented both in Singapore and Hong Kong. In 1996, Fung was awarded an Asian Cultural Council scholarship to study drama in the United States. On that occasion, she produced Red Luna at New York’s LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Club. During her MFA studies in England (2008–2010), she directed Fool for Love and Happy Days, as well as adapting and directing Under the Red Sky (English-language version). Her graduation thesis was based on Lung Ying-tai’s Big River, Big Sea—Untold Stories of 1949. Not only did she graduate with distinction, she was also awarded Dean’s Commendation for outstanding achievement.

Fung’s recent efforts centre on the HKRep Black Box Theatre as a platform to nurture local talents as well as to explore new forms and presentations, including multi-media productions. Apart from organising the International Black Box Festival and workshops, she has helped foster cultural exchange among Hong Kong, China, and the rest of the world, benefitting not only audiences but also young theatre practitioners.