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Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2016-17 New Season Presents “A Moveable Feast”

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Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2016-17 Season

New Season Presents A Moveable Feast

Advanced Booking of Season Tickets from 1 Mar with up to 30% Discount


[Hong Kong Repertory Theatre] The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (HKRep) announces on 29 February the 2016-17 theatre season. Under the theme A Moveable Feast, the new season offers 15 productions ranging from international classics, local new works, translations of beloved masterworks as well as original musicals, in addition to the 2nd International Black Box Festival.


“Time flies, and the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre has been going for 39 years. As the most established professional theatre company in Hong Kong, we have continuously strived to sow the seed of theatre in the local soil, to offer cultural nutrients, so to speak, to the general public, and to offer a sumptuous feast of live performing arts, contributing to the wider arts sector of our city. As we look forward to the milestone of our 40th anniversary, we are thankful towards our many predecessors who have guided our growth and development throughout the journey. We are grateful to have Dr. Daniel Yang, HKRep’s very first Artistic Director, and Dr. Fredric Mao, our Director Laureate working with us this season. I hope that this “Moveable Feast” of theatre will not only be sumptuous treats to be enjoyed, but also inspire and provide many new ideas and opportunities for reflection, through presenting the vast and diverse range of flavours of the theatre world, “ said Anthony Chan, Artistic Director of HKRep.


Main Stage Productions

Drama x Cantonese Opera: Footprints in the Snow opens new season and the 10thChinese Drama Festival
A script newly rediscovered is the “footprints in the snow” of a late playwright. It is also a love that could not be let go and a clash between two generations of Chinese operatic art. Footprints in the Snow’s world premiere production inaugurated the Ko Shan Theatre’s New Wing; the current new production will be directed by Anthony Chan, Artistic Director of HKRep, with a new cast and crew, running from 2nd to 13th April at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre. It is also the opening production for the 10th Chinese Drama Festival (Hong Kong, 2016).


Whose Wife is it Anyway? – A London West End comedy classic – when a sex scandal meets political disasters
Olivier Best Comedy Award-winning British farcical comedy classic Whose Wife is it Anyway?follows the story of a political figure who is constantly under public scrutiny. He has just made a classic mistake – having an affair. His wife approaches the hotel where he meets his lover, and a murder has just taken place at the hotel. Is it possible to still come out of the situation with his reputation untainted? Dr. Daniel Yang, HKRep’s very first Artistic Director, directed the same production for Godot Theatre Company in Taiwan last year, receiving enthusiastic responses in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan from the critics and audience alike.  The current production runs from 28 May to 12 June at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre.


The Sin Family – A black comedy and a familial ultimatum, returning by popular demand
Following The Last Supper, Matthew Cheng brings to the live stage another black comedy examining family relationships in Hong Kong, boldly exposing the ever-declining sense of traditional values by the new generation. Mr. and Mrs. Sit have raised their son with abundant material comfort, his every move along the way is impeccably planned and executed. Their son has wanted for nothing – except for a “harmonious” family. On a rare occasion, the family of three finds themselves in the same room, and the young master suddenly feels it is time to have an ultimatum with his parents. This season, celebrity actress Candice Yu returns with the original leading cast including Ling Man Lung, Ko Hon Man, Cheung Tsz Ki to reinvent the acclaimed production one more time, bringing to the audience a reincarnation of an absurd yet tragic struggle within the family. Directed by Fung Wai Hang, Resident Director of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, The Sin Family runs from 22 July to 1 August at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre, then again in August at Tianjin Grand Theatre and in September at Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts respectively.


Three Brothers – a tale (that is not really) about money, cold, distance yet oddly sentimental at all once
A mother has left behind a huge inheritance, leaving her three sons to try and come up with a plan, and as a result get on the nerves of their better halves. Three women not related by blood are losing their tempers for an inheritance that has nothing to do with them. Three Brothersbring rising star playwright Tang Sai Cheong and director Lee Chun Chow, a winner of both the Hong Kong Drama Awards’ Best Director Award as well as Best Actor Award. The current production runs from 6 to 14 August at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre.


Hu Xueyan, my Dear – A vicious and dark Qing court battle under the radar, a thought-provoking conversation between history and contemporary society
The time is late Qing dynasty. Hu Xueyan, one of the country’s wealthiest merchant, is actively acquiring weapons and military supplies, in full support of General Zuo Zongtang against the threat of foreign invasion by the Eight-Nation Alliance. Li Hongzhang, who has been at odds with Zuo over the years, is closing in on Hu in an act to eliminate those who get in his way. How does Hu, at the peak of his career, tackle with the situation? Winner of the Best Script Award by the Hong Kong Drama Awards, Hu Xueyan, my Dear is another collaboration between playwright Paul Poon and director Roy Szeto, following the acclaimed Qing court drama The Emperor, his Mom, a Eunuch and a Man. The current production runs from 12 to 30 October at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre, and again in mid-November in Shanghai.


Field of Dreams – A Musical 2017  Award-winning original musical back by popular demand, taking things up another league
In 1936, Lee Wai-Tong, the King of Football in Hong Kong, led the Republic of China football team, the Asian champion, for the first time to compete in the Olympics in Berlin. Eight football players from Lo Wai, a small fishing village in Tai Hang, Hong Kong, made history with their skills in football, taking their dreams and passion beyond Hong Kong, into the international arena. In the end, it was faith and determination that took them the furthest in pursuing their dreams. The world premiere of Field of Dreams received four Hong Kong Drama Awards. With Leon Ko as composer and Chris Shum as lyricist, the duo behind the Hong Kong musical film Perhaps LoveField of Dreams is directed and written by Anthony Chan, Artistic Director of HKRep. Joining hands with the Hong Kong Dance Company, with live accompaniment by an orchestra, the 2017 production runs from 7 to 15 January 2017 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre, then in April 2017 at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center.


The Homecoming by Nobel laureate Harold Pinter
Bravely challenging moral standards of society, starkly revealing the dark side of human instincts and desire
Philosophy professor Teddy returns home from the U.S. to the U.K. with his wife Ruth. While at home, the couple’s relationship begins to change and the distance between them grows. Teddy’s father Max later finds out about the flirtatious relationships between Teddy’s two brothers and Ruth. As Teddy considers going back to America with her, Max comes up with a surprising suggestion…What path would Ruth follow? Only she herself can decide. Written by Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter, The Homecoming was awarded the Tony Award for Best Play. Employing a controversial language and depicting equally provocative relationships, The Homecoming reveals the abnormality and corrupted conventions in the patriarchal society of 19th century Britain. Featuring a new translation by Paul Poon, the current production is directed by Ceri Sherlock, Chair of School of Drama at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. The current production runs from 7 to 19 March 2017 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre Shouson Theatre.


Black Box Productions 

Sing Your Life a Musical
Drunken birthday parties, tear-jerking wedding banquets and major family gatherings that bring everyone together – if these no longer keep you entertained, or if you have lost interest in work, love, or even life itself, we will tailor-create songs that are exclusively yours, turning the best moments in your life into beautiful music to form a musical theatre piece, so that you can share your own story with friends and family on weddings, birthday parties and family gatherings. Brought to you by HKRep actor and actress Pichead Amornsomboon and Kwok Ching Man, Sing your Life a Musical will run from 14 – 26 June at the HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre).


Roads to Chicken Pie (New Wrighting Series)
In a future city, the DNAs of chicken have been altered to become just like those of human. As a result, chicken has become a culinary delicacy. These chickens have been trained to speak to the restaurant’s customers before being slaughtered. The chicken pies into which they were made are exceptional and simply unforgettable. Driven by the desire to become a real human being, chicken #0926 decides to take control of its own destiny at all costs and escapes its cage. In this city where chickens and human are hard to differentiate, who can escape fate and achieve the so-called real freedom? Roads to Chicken Pie runs from 14 to 23 January 2017 at the HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre).


An Unjust Good Fellow (New Wrighting Series)
One day, a priest sees an old scavenger being pushed onto the ground on a street. He comes over to help, yet in her confusion she sues the priest for injuring her and demands a compensation of $66,600. Due to the lack of evidence, his lawyer friend suggests the priest to pay the compensation in order to resolve the case. The priest believes justice must be upheld, so he rejects the suggestion and seeks solutions independently. Soon, the lawyer has found strong evidence to clear the priest’s name. Yet at this point the priest suddenly decides to show mercy and changes his mind. Instead of suing the old lady, he chooses to withhold the truth. In a world where moral values have become twisted and distorted, is remaining true to one’s principles the only way forward? An Unjust Good Fellow runs from 11 to 20 March 2017 at the HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre).


International Black Box Festival 2016 – The Colours of Humanity

Toneelgroep Amsterdam (Netherlands) – La voix humaine
Adapted from a work of the same title by renowned French Poet and Director Jean Cocteau, La voix humaine is directed by Ivo van Hove, Artistic Director of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, a leading theatre company in the Netherlands. Starring as the lead character is Halina Reijn, a renowned stage and film actress. La voix humaine tells the story of a woman who lingers at the edge of a complete emotional breakdown after breaking up with her boyfriend. Through telephone conversations, she attempts to rescue a love already lost. Dwelling on her memories and delusive thoughts, she makes a decision in the end – a decision of life. La voix humaine runs from 15 to 17 April at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre as the first production of the International Black Box Festival 2016.


Performer Studio (Hong Kong) – Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral
Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral is Performer Studio Hong Kong’s reinterpretation of a timeless classic by Pao Kun Kuo, a forefather of Singaporean theatre. Zheng He, the great navigator, politician and military strategist achieved extraordinary success, yet he was still suffering from the humiliation and anger of being castrated. Both his body and his soul suffered. In a fiercely competitive contemporary society, people may seem happy on the surface, but inside they may well have suffered from various levels of castration, their identities deformed and twisted. The current production runs from 15 to 23 October at the HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre).


Mǒbius Strip Theatre (Taipei) – The 9 Fridas
Brought by the Möbius Strip Theatre, Taipei, The 9 Fridas is a New Writing work in form of narrative theatre written by British playwright Kaite O’Reilly and directed by Phillip Zarrilli, renowned as an advocate of a system of theatre training in which body and mind become one, joined by a cast of performers from Taipei and Hong Kong. The present work utilises soliloquys, dialogues, videos and narrations to create and examine the Frida Kahlo’s struggles in life. The artist is celebrated for her bold and vibrant self-portraits, depicting herself in her iconic unibrow. She used her physical disability and her unyielding will power to challenge conventional gender ideas, political tyranny, and the power dynamics of various kinds. The current production runs from 27 to 30 October at the HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre).


BKYUYUGEKITAI (Japan) – Asagao
Asagao is a new work created last year by playwright Tsukuda Norihiko, the main creative force behind Bkyuyugekitai in Japan for the International Black Box Festival. Following Shed SkinAsagao is another allegorical tale with a fantastical plot, featuring the playwright himself as an actor. After working away from home for six months, a husband returns, only to find that the wall and the patio of the house are overgrown with morning glory vines, suggesting that it has been left vacant for a while. Yet the night before, he was still speaking to his wife on the phone. An estate agent appears all of a sudden, bringing with him a secret that left the husband in even greater confusion of her whereabouts. The current production runs from 3 to 6 November at the HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre).


Creative VaQi (South Korea) – Before After
Before After is created collectively by young South Korean director Lee Kyung-sung and the actors. The work is divided into sections based on time. It shows the changes that occur before and after a devastating event. A time before and after is created after a tragic, irreversible event. What experiences do we go through that make us realize that an event has affected “our” lives? The play begins by answering this question. The current production runs from 17 to 20 November at the HKRep Black Box (8/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre).


Advanced Booking of Season Tickets up to 30% Discount
Advanced booking is now available (from now till 30 April 2016), offering up to 30% discount, for the best seats available in the house. The new season brochure is distributed through URBTIX, also available on www.hkrep.com/1617. Subscription programme enquiry: 3103 5900.


Other major events in the 2016-17 season includes the special appearance by Dr. Fredric Mao, our Director Laureate, in the Black Box Reader’s Theatre series as an actor in A Number, the controversial British drama that examines the subject of human cloning. Details to be announced at www.hkrep.com


The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre acknowledges the following organizations for their support of the 2016-17 season: (in alphabetical order by company name)

3 Wells Watch Industries Ltd.

Alliance Engineering Company

Friends of Caritas

Chow Sang Sang

Hang Seng Bank

MTR Corporation Limited

Shun Hing Group


Season Subscription Brochure Cover: Paper Artist Lau Ming Hang
Lau Ming Hang, also known as SunFool, is a stage lighting designer passionate in creating pop-up paper art. His pop-up book theatre works include Mr. Windy NoBodyAm I Crying. Just Do IT, Lady Eccentric and Ordinary Living. His works have appeared in the 1st Chinese Theatre Festival in Singapore, the 4th Taipei Fringe Festival, the 3rd Step Out Festival in Macao, the 1st HK People’s Fringe Festival and the 5th Close to You Festival in Taiwan. His works The Will to Build (1st Run), The French KissDragon Head and The Good Person of Szechwan were nominated for Best Lighting Design at the Hong Kong Drama Awards. He has designed lighting for many local and overseas groups, including On & On Theatre Workshop, Theatre du Pif, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Actors’ Family, City Contemporary Dance Company, School of Theatre of Macao Conservatory and The Theatre Practice (Singapore).




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