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“Three Brothers” – A tale about an enormous inheritance, love and hate, and human bonds

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Upcoming Playwright Tang Sai Cheong x “Best Director” Lee Chun Chow

Three Brothers

A tale about an enormous inheritance, love and hate, and human bonds


【Hong Kong Repertory Theatre】“$10 million divided into three equals $3,333,333.33 … with 1 cent remaining.” How should three brothers evenly divide the enormous estate left by their late mother? Since this division can never be even, who should get the remaining 1 cent? When three brothers are at a loss over what to do, their significant others turn up with all sorts of solutions … In face of money, how fragile are family ties? Three Brothers is a new work by upcoming playwright Tang Sai Cheong, directed by Hong Kong Drama Awards’ “Best Director” Lee Chun Chow, featuring Yau Ting Fai, Lau Shau Ching, Eddy Au Yeung, Mercy Wong, Cheung Ngar Lai and ManMan Kwok. The production runs from 6th to 14thAugust at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre. Tickets are currently on sale at URBTIX.


The story is about three brothers gather together in discussion of dividing their late mother’s enormous estate. Their wives and girlfriend arrive one after another, all drawn into the evil whirlpool of greed. Untold histories being thoroughly exposed, indivisible number of the estate amount, innumerable incidents of love and hate. Merciless battle overnight, despite the blood ties between parties involved.


Playwright Tang Sai Cheong considers Three Brothers as a story on the surface chronicling a fight over inheritance, but what is uncovered isn’t just about money: “Three Brothers delves into the relation between money and blood ties. It offers food for thought about how one identifies with social values in light of this city’s circumstances. Hong Kong can be described as a difficult city to live in: expenses are exorbitantly high, the population has many grievances to address. When money far exceeds the significance of family, then family unit disintegrates into individuals. As a result, the city also changes.”


Three Brothers appears to be a simple story about a family. Director Lee Chun Chow believes the plot is close to real life, but at the same time contains some absurdity: “Three brothers share their late mother’s estate, but they make a mountain out of a molehill, fighting over the last cent. Elements of absurdity are injected in every scene. Something extraordinary happens in otherwise ordinary settings, thus making this play all the more fun and interesting.”


About the Playwright Tang Sai Cheong

Founder of the Black Bird Theatre, Tang received his Bachelor of Arts degree (with Honours) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Drama, where he majored in acting. Since his graduation, Tang has developed into an all-round theatre professional, engaged in writing, directing, acting and teaching. He teaches a weekly class in the Blackbird Theatre’s “Routine Drama Workshop.”

Tang has collaborated with numerous local companies, among them the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, W Theatre, Theatre du pif, Actors Family, Windmill Grass Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Festival and Chung Ying Theatre.

Among Tang’s output includes: Tang Sai Cheong (since 1894) (Hong Kong Repertory Theatre New Wrighting Series), Black Bird Annals—The Head of Ostrich (New Energy Series, presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department) and facehome (International Arts Carnival 2014 as well as China tour). He was among the six playwrights in Six Knives, a project of Freeatre in Action. Tang’s work has also been selected for readers’ theatre projects: May-September comes (Playwright’s Workshop, Hong Kong Arts Centre), Three Brothers (2013) and The Story of City Bǎ(2015) (Playwright Scheme, Prospects Theatre) and Middleman (Readers project for short play).

Tang is also a translator of theatre scripts. He was the translator for The Wilderness at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and A Number, a part of the readers’ theatre marathon hosted by the On&On Theatre.

Since 2015, Tang returned to his alma mater, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, to pursue a Master’s Degree in playwriting.

Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/tangsaicheong



About Director Lee Chun Chow
Lee Chun Chow holds a diploma in East/West Theatre Studies at the University of Hong Kong’s School of Professional and Continuing Education. He was a full-time actor and assistant artistic director for Chung Ying Theatre Company. He was thrice awarded the Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Drama Awards for his performance in Old Master QThe Legend of Zhong Kui: Ghostbuster and The Merchant of China and won the Best Director Award (Comedy/Farce) for Aladdin (1999) and The Professional (1998). He won the Best Actor Award in the inaugural Hong Kong Theatre Libre for his performance in the Fringe Club’s Ho Chi Minh, followed by Best Actor and Best Director for And then, I float …. In 2000, Lee was awarded the Medal of Honour by the HKSAR Government.


About Three Brothers


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