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Ng Ka Leung Actor

Ng Ka Leung joined the HKRep in 2014. Recent productions include A Dream Like a Dream, An Unjust Good Fellow,Three Impaired Monkeys, The Diary of Song and In Times of Turmoil. He also served as Assistant Director for Speaking in TonguesA Dream Like a Dream, Le Père (Re-run) and Pride. 

Ng’s performances in Chung Ying Theatre’s Freshly Frozen School and Cinematic Theatre’s Oh My Goddess! were nominated for the Hong Kong Drama Award’s Best Supporting Actor (Tragedy/Drama) and Best Supporting Actor (Comedy/Farce) respectively. In 2017, he was nominated as Outstanding Actor at the 9th Hong Kong Theatre Libre for his performance in An Unjust Good Fellow. In 2019, he was awarded Best Actor (tragedy / Drama) and Best Supporting Actor (tragedy / Drama) for his performance in Three Impaired Monkeys and An Unjust Good Fellow (Re-run) respectively.

A former company member of the Chung Ying Theatre (2008–2012), he has also collaborated with many other groups, specialising in playing multiple roles (male, female, old and young) within a production, such as Dying Young (Spring-Time Theatre) and La Luna (co-production of the Chung Ying Theatre and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra). In addition to appearing on stage, Ng has also been involved in scriptwriting, directing and theatre education. He is the teacher for HKRep’s Solo Performance Masterclass and Open University Hong Kong x HKRep’s Professional Certificate in Stage Performance in 2018 and 2019. He designed and organised “Stepping on Stage”, the first theatre educational programme of Spring-Time Theatre. As director, his recent works included multiple productions for Theatre Farmer’s “Teatro Forum” and Think Big Theatre’s Colour. He also participated in All Fools, a work written, performed and directed by Chung Ying Theatre’s company members.

Ng graduated with a BFA degree from the School of Drama, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in acting.