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The Village
11.01.2014 - 12.01.2014

A historical epic from Taiwan makes Hong Kong Premiere appearance
after 150 performances around the world

A legend in the making by Stan Lai and Wang Wei-chung, taking the Chinese-speaking world by storm

Acclaims from around the world:
BBC World Service’s 2010 Editor’s Choice-Stage

“I was completely mesmerised – I was sad, delighted and consoled from one moment to another, I laughed out loud and I broke into tears; before the tears had a chance to dry, I started laughing again, as I was just beginning to laugh, I cried again.”   acclaimed actress Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, Apple Daily (Taiwan)


“If Secret Love In Peach Blossom Land is a refreshing essay with long-lasting resonance, then The Village is a soul-stirring epic of the grandest scale.”   Zhou Liming, The Beijing News

Following his fabled Secret Love In Peach Blossom Land and A Dream Like A Dream, Stan Lai sets Chinese theatre ablaze again with The Village. A historical epic based on Taiwan’s “Military Dependents’ Village” in the 60s and the historical memories associated with it, The Village was premiered in Taiwan in 2008. Since then it has taken both Taiwan and the world by storm, with over 150 performances for a total of 200,000 audience members. His unparalleled charm transcends the geographical borders and attracted followings in Chinese communities around the world, a rare achievement in Chinese-language theatre.


About Playwrights & Directors


Performance Date & Venue
7:45pm  11-12.1.2014
2:30pm  12.1.2014

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre

Price: $480, $420, *$360, $280, *$230, *$180

Presented in Mandarin with occasional Taiwanese language, with Chinese & English surtitles

For aged 6 or above

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Telephone Enquiries & Credit Card Booking 2111 5999 / www.urbtix.hk

Programme Enquiries 3103 5900

Cast & Production Team
Playwright & Director
Stan Lai (Taipei)
Wang Wei-chung (Taipei)
Set Designer
Austin Wang
Lighting Designer
Michael Lizen Chien
Costume and Style Design/Hair and Make-up
Gyokurei Suzuka
Christine Suzuka
Graphic Design
Chen Jun-Yan
Associate Director
Lee Chien-Chang
Xiao Ai
Wang Juan
Fan ruijun
Xu Yenling
Zhu Zhiying (some performances)
Hu Tingting (some performances)
Liu Meiyu
Huang Xiaomao
Wang Anqi
Zheng Yiting
Qu Zhongheng
Liu Liangzo
Huang Shiwei
Na Weixun
Xiao Zhengwei
Li Chenxiang
Tseng Xingyu
Soo Ming Seng
Su Teyang
Weng Quanwei
Feng Yigang
Sung Shaoqing

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50% discount for
-Senior citizens aged 60 or above,
-Full-time students (limited offer)
-People with disabilities and the minder