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15.04.2016 - 24.04.2016

The Finale of the Diaspora Trilogy
The Rite of Passage of a Golden Boy in Colonial Hong Kong

Even though the colonial period came to end in 1997, Hong Kong’s past has undoubtedly shaped this place into the beloved city that we all know. The quest of Hong Konger’s identity gives us no choice but to ask the question: what has happened before 1997? Gweilo is trying to answer it through the lens of a golden boy. The Diaspora Trilogy looks at the issues of identity construct and race, for which we introduces Sweet Mandarinand David Henry Hwang’s Yellow FaceGweilo as the final episode of this series is inspired by the memoir of the same named written by Martin Booth.

 Gweilo” is a Cantonese slang refers to foreigners, which means “ghost man”. This derogatory term has been used by Guangdong people since  the 19th century. However, it is so commonly used that the offensiveness is lost. Nowadays, this term is even embraced by some local foreigners. Martin Booth’s memoir Gweilo is very popular among the expats living in Hong Kong. The protagonist, who was a seven-year-old white boy, grew up in the colonial Hong Kong in 1950s.

Gweilo is a one-man show inspired by this memoir. Martin’s British navy officer father brought the whole family to Hong Kong in 1950s. In the book, Martin recalled his vivid childhood memory in Hong Kong. Director Wu Hoi-fai, together with the French-Finnish actor Micah Sandt, are going to devise this fascinating story along side with other autobiographical materials collected. Gweilo is a journey into Chinese culture and an extinct colonial way of life.

Performance Date & Venue
8 pm 15-16, 18, 21-23. 4. 2016
3 pm 16-17, 23-24. 4. 2016

HKRep Black Box (8/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre)

Price: $220 (Free Seating)

Presented in Cantonese and English

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Cast & Production Team
Creator and Director
Wu Hoi-fai
Creator and Performer
Micah Sandt
Lighting Designer
Zoe Cheung
Composer and Sound Designer
Jacklam Ho
Set and Costume Designer
Vanessa Suen
Illustrator and Designer
Alison Cheung
Vee Wong