:: White Room Symposium: Butoh x Madness

4:30pm – 6pm
An introduction to Hijikata’s method of choreography, Butoh-fu (Including the screening of Butoh Kaden)

6pm – 7pm
Madness, Butoh and Clinical Psychology – The inspiration behind the White Room and its mad characters from the view of Butoh and clinical psychology

Date / Time 22.10.2016(Sat)4:30pm – 7pm
Speakers 1) Waguri Yukio 

2) Prof. Winton Au (Ph.D. Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A , Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, CUHK)

3) Prof. Chiu Chui–de (Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, CUHK)

Quota 60 (First come, first served)
Medium of Instruction Cantonese and English
Venue HKREP Rehearsal Hall No.1(6/F Sheung Wan Civic Centre)
Fee Free
Online Enrollment bit.ly/thewhiteroomsymposium
Enquiries Ms Lam 9761 1778
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Waguri Yukio

Waguri Yukio started dancing in Hijikata Tatsumi’s company in 1972 and was the male principal dancer from 1972 to 1978. Since his stage debut in Hijikata’s piece 27 Nights for Four Seasons (1973), Waguri has kept numerous notes on Hijikata’s teaching method and choreography, which now constitutes the bulk of his own butoh-fu exploration and teachings as the artistic director and founder of Kohzensha Butoh Company.

His main focus while choreographing or teaching is on transforming oneself through imagery rather than the mere ‘doing’ of movement. Waguri’s own dance is often said to be as solid as crystal, lithe and smart as a leopard, subtle and light as a willow. His performances are tightly choreographed from butoh-fu rather than improvisational.  In 2004, Waguri published a video, Butoh Kaden, which has been well-received from both scholars and theatre practitioners as it was first of its kind unveiling the essence of Hijikata’s Butoh notation and choreographic methods.