:: Moving Entities

Moving Entities

“ We aren’t born men or women, or boys or girls either. At birth we are a weaving of liquids, solids and gels that are, in turn, covered by a strange organ whose extension and weight is greater than any other: the skin. It is this membrane that takes care of everything it contains, showing the appearance of a single unit that we call BODY. “

── Paul B Preciado

Sometimes even small changes – in the way we move, breathe or present ourselves – can produce major transformations. This workshop provokes a moment of escape that frees participants to experiment with small changes in self-image, age, social position and gender and explore the effect of becoming someone else.

Motus’ recent shows are inspired by the desire to break down barriers of all kinds, both geographical and mental. Working collaboratively, they have created an ever-evolving community of ever-evolving bodies, ever bevolving entities. This brief workshop looks at ways of breaking down mental barriers with our bodies. The aim is to look for the critical point where transformation begins to be apparent, to take time to explore what is happening, to look at what happens once the point of transformation is crossed, and to reflect on what would happen if we moved beyond this point forever.

Instructors Enrico Casagrande, Daniela Nicolò & Silvia Calderoni
Date 20.10.2018 (Saturday)
Time 3pm–6pm
Venue HKRep Rehearsal Hall No. 1
(6/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre)
Language English
Fee $300
No. of Participants 20
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Motus was founded in Rimini, Italy in 1991 by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò. The group burst onto the scene with productions portraying the harsh contradictions of present day life, creating theatre shows, performances, installations and videos, and conducting seminars and workshops. The group have performed in festivals all over the world, from Under the Radar in New York, to Festival TransAmériques in Montreal, PuSh Festival in Vancouver, Santiago a Mil in Chile, the FIBA Festival in Buenos Aires, the Adelaide Festival in Australia, the Taipei Arts Festival in Taiwan, and diverse festivals in Europe. They have received a number of prestigious awards and recognitions for their work, including three Ubu Prizes.