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Po Leung Kuk x Phillip Wain proudly sponsor “The Sin Family”, Return of Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Actress Candice Yu

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Return of Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Actress Candice Yu

Po Leung Kuk x Phillip Wain proudly sponsor

The Sin Family

Are Parents Providing Food for Stomach But Not Food for Thought?

【Hong Kong Repertory Theatre】A parvenu couple indulge themselves in their own decadent night lives – separately of course – leaving their only son to be taken care of by servants at home. Their divorce ends the family’s apparent harmony, and the son decides to fight for his share of inheritance… Is it the parents’ fault to provide food for stomach but not food for thought? Hong Kong Repertory Theatre’s black comedy The Sin Family exposes unreservedly the fading of traditional values among the new generation. The play received much critical acclaims, from audience and media alike, during its first run in 2015. At the latest Hong Kong Drama Awards, it was named one of the “Ten Most Popular Drama Productions”, and TV and film celebrity Candice Yu crowned Best Actress for the first time for her role as rich lady in this production. The original cast and crew now join forces to stage The Sin Family again. Written by Matthew Cheng and directed by Fung Wai-Hang, winners of Best Playwright and Best Director at the Hong Kong Drama Awards, The Sin Family features guest actress Candice Yu and, from the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Siulung Ling, Ko Hon Man and Kiki Cheung. The production will be staged from 22 July to 1 August in Hong Kong City Hall’s Theatre. Tickets now available at URBTIX.


The Sin Family is about a Mr. and Mrs. Sit who have raised their son with abundant material comfort, his every move along the way is impeccably planned and executed. Their son has wanted for nothing – except for a “harmonious” family. On a rare occasion, the family of three finds themselves in the same room, and the young master suddenly feels it is time to have an ultimatum with his parents.


Playwright Matthew Cheng says, “The Sin Family portrays a rich family in which the wife would take every step to get her alimony unless she gets two or three hundred million. The son also has his demands. When he is seventeen, he asks his father for a Ferrari sports car as his eighteenth birthday gift. Even for his career, he just wants to own properties and simply live on rental income as a landlord. Since when our society has become so distorted and scary? Is money the root of all kinds of evil?”


Director Fung Wai Hang thinks that in a progressive world some ethics and values are distorted, “When they were young, Mr. and Mrs. Sit were too busy in earning money and had no time for their son, neglecting his needs, and thought that money could solve all problems. Their son ends up becoming a ‘little monster’. What I want to investigate is, why are we having such problem in our society nowadays? Why are parents becoming like this?”


Candice Yu earned her first Best Actress award with The Sin Family. She thinks that the play realistically reflects the situation of modern families – the script is humorous and hilarious, but articulates a sad phenomenon. “The values, ethics, and emphasis on family are so different nowadays. The play brilliantly depicts the ‘relationships’ between the parents and their son, as such ‘relationships’ lead to many problems that affect the family and each person therein, reflecting the sad reality of selfishness and pragmatism in our society.”


Reviews of first-run:


“Matthew Cheng’s dialogues are humorous and stimulating; the plot is absurdist and unexpected. Candice Yu reads out each of her lines in a crisp manner yet without taking a breath. Role superbly delivered.” Lam Chiu-Wing, Mingpao


“One set, two hours, four actors. Audience were lead to reflect upon family relationships, greed and desires, as well as common sense and its distortion!” William Lam, media personality


This programme will make its China premiere at Tianjin Grand Theatre on 26-28 August and Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts on 2-4 September 2016.


About Playwright Matthew Cheng

Matthew Cheng graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Playwriting, and was winner of the Outstanding Script Award while at the Academy. In 2002, his The Bloody Hell won the Best Script Award at the “Here and Now” Scriptwriting Competition organised by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, and this title also brought him an Outstanding Young Playwright Award at the 12th Hong Kong Drama Awards. He earned his Best Supporting Male Actor award for his role in Take This Waltz at the 14th Hong Kong Drama Awards, and his February 14 was nominated for the Best Script award at the 15th edition of the Awards that followed. In 2007, he was named Outstanding Young Artist (Drama) at the Arts Development Awards. His The Last Supper won the Best Script award at the 21st Hong Kong Drama Awards and the 4th Hong Kong Theatre Libre, and he was named an Outstanding Playwright at the 9th Chinese Drama Festival in 2014 for this. The play was selected by Time Out (Beijing) and The Beijing News among the Best Ten and Best Six Productions in 2013 respectively, and was toured to Taiwan, Singapore and nine cities in Mainland China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin. It was even adapted to French and going to be staged for over one hundred performances.

​He wrote the scripts of The Last SupperThe Sin Family and February 14 presented by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Danz Up by Hong Kong Arts Festival, The Revenge of Local Heroesby Chung Ying Theatre Company, The Bloody Hell by Actors’ Family, 5 is such a Lonely Number by Loft Stage, Best Summer and One of the Rainy Days by Petrel Theatre, etc.


His TV works include The Moment 2Medical DramaWomen with Dreams and IPCC Files Series for Radio Television Hong Kong. Currently an Executive Committee Member of Alliance of Theatre Professionals of Hong Kong, as well as a playwriting teacher at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ Extension and Continuing Education for Life (EXCEL) and Macao Conservatory’s School of Theatre.


About Director  Fung Wai Hang


The Sin Family