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In addition to the publication of theatre related literature, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre is also responsible for the Script Development Scheme, Reader’s Theatre, seminars, and other related events, in order to encourage, document, preserve and consolidate creative activities in theatre through different platforms.

HKRep Theatre Literature Studies Series Volume 10

The Stage Art of “Reverie of an Empire”

Serial No.: 1213(1)LP
Price: @HK$130

As 2011 marked the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution , our Artistic Director Anthony Chan had written a script based on history that how Yuan Shikai, a Chinese military and government official who rose to power during the late Qing dynasty, was finally frustrated in a short-lived attempt to restore hereditary monarchy in China, with himself as the Hongxian Emperor.  Besides Chan’s script, this making-of publication also comprises history recap, analytical essays and collective memories of the creative team.