:: The Remains of our Memories

The Remains of our Memories

In the mainstream historical narrative, personal experiences and stories are often absent, overshadowed by the “grand narrative”, or simply viewed as trivial and unimportant. The idea of the “grand narrative” also affects contemporary artistic and theatrical expression, restricting both the creation and communication of creative ideas and aesthetics.

In this workshop, Li Jianjun, director of One Fine Day, takes us back to life as we experience it as individuals: to our personal histories and memories. Taking personal experience as the source of the creative spark, this workshop explores how our own life stories can be reassembled and transformed into performance, and leads to a discussion on the importance of theatre in consolidating a collective identity.

Instructor Li Jianjun
Date 13.10.2018 (Saturday)
Time 10am–1pm
Venue HKRep Rehearsal Hall No. 1
(6/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre)
Language Mandarin
Fee $300
No. of Participants 25
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New Youth Group “One Fine Day”
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Li Jianjun

Li Jianjun is a Beijing-based independent theatre director and the artistic director of New Youth Group. Recognised as one of the key directors and practitioners of Chinese avant-garde theatre, Li creates innovative productions that reconsider theatre as an artistic medium. In recent years, his works have received extensive attention due to their critical cultural stand and unique exploration of the aesthetics of theatre.

Major works include: A Man Who Flies Up To the Sky (Wuzhen Theatre Festival,China, 2015; VIE Festival,Italy, 2016; Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Germany, 2017); 25.3km Fairy Tale, a documentary theatre production performed on a bus (China, 2013-2014); the
documentary theatre production One Fine Day (Beijing 2013, Hangzhou 2013 and 2017, Shanghai 2016, Shenzhen 2018); Metaphor of the Shadow (2012) and A Madman’s Diary (2011), theatrical adaptations of works by Lu Xun; Betrayal, by Harold Pinter (2010); Nostalgic Stockholm Syndrome, a full-length original work (2010); Miss Extraordinary, a staged reading for “New Dramatic Art in China / Germany” programme at Goethe- Institute China (Beijing, 2009); The Sacrifice, a dancetheatre performance (2008); Plundering II (2008), a dance-theatre performance for “the Japanese Young Choreographers’ Project”; Plundering I (2007), a dancetheatre piece for “the Young Choreographers’ Project” and the Caochangdi May Festival.