Main Stage
China Everbright Limited Proudly Sponsors "Fiddler on the Roof - the musical"
A Broadway classic on tradition and change in the face of time
An award-winning musical filled to the brim with golden melodies
Black Box
The Open Platform: The Spoon
Desperate at the end of the road, why not feign a perfect “death”?
Special Event
(Screening in Cinema)
13.11.2021 (Sat) 2pm, 7:30pm
27.11.2021 (Sat) 2pm, 7:30pm
10.12.2021 (Fri) 7:30pm
8.1.2021 (Sat) 7:30pm^ (cancelled)
19.1.2021 (Sat) 2pm
MCL K11 Art House
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