Dr. Lin Kehuan
Honorary Artistic Advisor
Dramaturg and National first class critic Lin Kehuan has served in several capacities at the China Youth Arts Theatre, from head of the dramaturgy department, to President and Artistic Director. He is currently the Honorary President of the China Dramaturgy Society, Vice-President of the China Theatre Research Society and Honorary Artistic Advisor of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre.
Lin is the co-author of the drama The Turning Point and Newspaper Boy. His publications include Tilted Stage, Theory of Dramatic Presentation, Hong Kong Drama-Drama Hong Kong, Collection of Theatre Critiques, Cross-examination and Games – Hong Kong/Beijing Cultural Arts Critique Section, Drama in the Era of Consumerism and A Disintegrated Era of Drama etc. His extensive writings on theatre have been published in more than 200 media outlets at home and abroad. 
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